Vacuum Flask

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Product Features

Product Features

  • 1
    Stainless steel material
    The TAFUCO bottles are made of
    stainless steel and is sturdy and hygienic.

    Among stainless steels,
    it can be used for a long time by using SUS304 and
    SUS316 materials
    that do not rust due to
    high nickel and chromium content
    for both inner and outer bottles.
  • 2
    Excellent vacuum technology
    The TAFUCO bottle has a dual structure of
    inner/outer bottle, and by creating a vacuum,

    it blocks external heat and prevents the
    internal heat from escaping to maintain
    the temperature of beverages and food.
    The vacuum insulation structure
    not only maintains the temperature,

    but also does not cause dew condensation,
    and the surface does not become
    hot even when hot beverages are put.
  • 3
    Excellent thermal effect
    - Inner bottle copper plating coating
    The TAFUCO bottles are coated with
    copper plating on the outside of the
    bottle to prevent loss of radiant heat once more.
    - Getter method
    TAFUCO bottles have a getter
    at the bottom that absorbs gas,

    so it can be used for a long time
    by maintaining a vacuum between the bottles.
  • 4
    Ultralight & Slim
    The TAFUCO bottle is made of thin
    stainless steel so it is light in weight,

    and the gap between the inner
    and outer bottles is narrow,
    making the product slim and easy to carry.
    Tailless construction makes it compact,
    warmer and longer lasting.

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