Phar. Package

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Manufacturing Process

Yeonhap Glass
Manufacturing Process

  • Yeonhap Glass has paid a keen attention to adopting advanced equipments and
    technology in order to always remain in best condition for manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging.
    Our pursuit of the goal of automating the whole process of manufacturing have gained results so that glass cylinders are now automatically processed,
    and then our new automated camera system completely examines finished products in its last process.

    Yeonhap Galss assure you of best quality with experiences over 50 years.

Phar. Package Vial
Manufacturing Process

  • Vial type(Antibiotic Vial, Screw Vial, Tablet Vial)

  • Manufacturing site for Vial

  • Vail Forming Machine

Phar. Package Ampoule
Manufacturing Process

  • Ampoule type(Pattern B, C, and D)

  • Manufacturing site for Ampoule

  • Ampoule Forming Machine

Quality Control process

  • Vial for Vaccine

  • Vial for antibiotics, anti-cancer drug

  • Profile Projector

  • Cutter

  • QC Dept.