About us

Leader in the pharmaceutical packaging business


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    Founded in 1970, leading pharmaceutical packaging business in Korea

    Since 1970, Yeonhap Glass has been producing vials and ampoules.
    For more than a half centry, Yeonhap Glass has been
    devoted to the better pharmaceutical packaging technology.

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    More than 100 local partners

    Pharmaceuticals are directly related to human life and health.
    In particular, container directly packaging parenteral injection
    pharmaceuticals has huge effect on human body.

    Our automatic measurement system detects even micro dust
    through vision camera and our advanced equipments
    and technology always remain in best condition
    for manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging.

    Currently, with the best quality, we have supplied vials and
    ampoules to over 100 domestic pharmaceutical companies as well as
    China, Japan, India, and Southeast Asian markets.
    And we are now stepping up efforts to approach global markets.

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    In 1987, expand B2B business into B2C
    by acquiring glass vacuum bottle company, Universal.

    As leisure activities have grown in 1980's, Yeonhap Glass detected the change in the Korean consumer behavior and found opportunities in consumer packaging products.

    Yeonhap Glass decided to move closer to the normal consumer by acquiring "Universal Vacuum Bottle co." known as a leading consumer packaging brand.

Yeonhap Galss will not remain satisfied with the today's result, and will always make a consistent effort to research and
develop for the better future. We, as a reliable partner, promise customers our best service to meet the needs and demands.