Vacuum Flask

From the 40 years of experiences, we add value to people' life.


  • Yeonhap Glass Co., Ltd. acquired Universal
    in 1987
    and established itself in the domestic
    kitchen appliance distribution market
    by manufacturing
    and selling OEM glass vacuum flasks,
    vacuum lunch boxes, and ice boxes for
    Goldstar and Daewoo brands.

    In the 1990s, when the material was changed
    from glass bottles to stainless steel,

    a manufacturing facility plant was introduced from Japan
    to produce stainless steel heated bottles,

    tumblers, insulated lunch boxes,
    and mugs, and export them to the US, Canada,

    Starbucks (PMI), Europe, and Coleman in the UK.

    Since then, we have distributed brand products
    such as Shira, Thermos, and Ban's in Korea.

    Based on nearly 40 years of production experience,

    we launched the TAFUCO brand in Korea
    and are in charge of distribution
    and sales as an official agency.
    Yeonhap Glass sells only products
    with excellent thermal insulation
    and cold insulation effects

    through strict quality control,
    and continues to research domestic lifestyle trends
    to release products suitable

    for domestic consumers.

    In the future, we will continue
    to work hard to show only good products.

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  • since 1987HISTORY


    Manufacture of Glass vacuum bottle ‘Universal’


    Goldstar, Daewoo brand OEM manufacturing


    Introduced stainless steel manufacturing facilities


    Shira Manufacture and Export


    Thermos Supermarket Distributor


    Ban's launch


    Little Ban's launch


    TAFUCO launch


    TEDDY BEAR launch